Why Demons Infest Certain People’s Lives

Contrary to what paranormal TV would have us believe, demonic infestations are very rare. A NSE (negative supernatural experience) is not automatically a demon because there are more dark, possessing entities than demons in the world. There’s a lot of confusion about why demons do what they do and the truth is, sometimes we just don’t know why they target who they do, but here are some theories.

This is why they could potentially enter a person’s life:

  1. Law of Invitation: This would be an open invitation for a demon to come in your life, like you threw open the door for them to come in. If you’re inexperienced with magic practice or safe communication with spirits, then a demon could come in from black magic use or Ouija boards. That doesn’t mean everyone who uses magic or a spirit board is going to contact a demon. Black magic is used to hurt others in order to take/cause pain; it’s a very specific type of magic. Spirit/Ouija boards are dangerous mostly because you don’t know what/who you’re talking to exactly, but there are safe ways to use them. Do your research.

2. Law of Attraction: This would be a person who is doing such sick, twisted things that are a corruption of their humanity that a demon becomes attracted to the darkness in your soul, wanting to hang out around you. Ex: serial killers, necrophilia, pedophilia, etc. (I’m not claiming every serial killer has demons in their life; it’s just an example of someone doing something heinous against their humanity for reference).

3. Already Inhabited: This is a term I created in my thesis to account for the times that a person/couple/family moved into a place where a demon already lived; if something existed there before, then it begins to mess with the people who move in.

4. Unwarranted Entry: This is when someone did not invite it, did not do heinous acts, did not live in an already inhabited space; it is completely unwarranted. It’s extremely rare, but it does happen. Demons are bound by rules, so they just broke them to get into your life is what happened in these occurrences.

5. Sent to You: This is when a black magic practitioner sent a demon into your life to hurt you/take from you and can account for some Unwarranted Entry cases, though not always.

6. Sold Your Soul: There’s been at least one recorded demonic case of someone who said they would serve Satan and then a demon appeared in their life. (Not an attack on Satanism itself; you do you if that’s your religion) General rule of thumb: don’t sell your soul to anything or anyone.

This list isn’t definitive. There’s much we don’t know about demons or why they do what they do. Some people claim to have positive experiences with demons; I think it’s generally misidentification but I accept that my understanding is ever-growing/changing of the subject. If you need to talk to someone about your experiences, contact me at victoria@thedemonfolklorist.com


Jaye, Victoria, “In the Presence of Evil: Demonic Perception Narratives” (2021). All Graduate Plan B and other Reports. 1563.

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