Where Did Demons Come From?

Good question and the honest answer is: we don't know. Much about demons are shrouded in mystery; all we know for sure is what's been recorded. Here are theories: Christianity provides an answer (there is no way to tell for sure if they're right so don't get upset on me): they're fallen angels. At some... Continue Reading →

Why Demons Infest Certain People’s Lives

Contrary to what paranormal TV would have us believe, demonic infestations are very rare. A NSE (negative supernatural experience) is not automatically a demon because there are more dark, possessing entities than demons in the world. There's a lot of confusion about why demons do what they do and the truth is, sometimes we just... Continue Reading →

The Demonic Classification System: Sight

Class 1: Sight-This section is reserved for people who claimed to have seen phenomena associated with the demonic.              A. Sighting of a Figure or Shadow                      I. Color                            1. Dark/Black                             2. White                                    a. Too Bright                             3. Gold                                   a. Too Bright                             4. Glowing Green                             5. Shadows                   II.... Continue Reading →

The Demonic Classification System: Smell

Class 3: Smell This section covers the narratives of people who have experienced strange smells associated with demonic presences.  N. Bodily Fluids           I. Blood           II. Feces                   1.Duration/Source                        a. Gone Quickly                   2. Effect                            a. Tears  O. Rancid/Decomposition Scents           I. Rotting Food                    1.Duration/Source                          a. Gone Quickly   ... Continue Reading →

The Demonic Classification System: Feeling

Class 4: Feeling This section encompasses the feelings associated with an inhuman encounter. Q. Felt Movement (Usually Invisible Force)     I. Violent/Forcible in Nature                   1. Shoving                          a. Held Down/Against Wall b. Into Object i. Pillow                  2. Having a Body Part Moved/Yanked/Grabbed                           a. Arms Twisted Behind Person (Unseen Force)                           b. Both Sides... Continue Reading →

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