The Demonic Classification System: Sight

Class 1: Sight-This section is reserved for people who claimed to have seen phenomena associated with the demonic.

             A. Sighting of a Figure or Shadow

                     I. Color

                           1. Dark/Black

                            2. White

                                   a. Too Bright

                            3. Gold

                                  a. Too Bright

                            4. Glowing Green

                            5. Shadows

                  II. Shape/Texture

                         1. Humanoid

                         2. Flawed Apparitions

                               a. Humanoid

                               b. Animalesque

                               c. Smoky

                               d. Dead/Rotting Corpse

                                e. Familiar Person (to Witness)

                         3. Cloud-like/Gaseous/Vaporous/Mist/Shadow

                    a. Gelatinous

                    b. Liquid

                        4. Morphed/Transmogrified Shape

                                a. Corpse to Winged/Reptilian Beast

                                b. Mist to Humanoid Figure

                 III. Size

                         1. 3-4ft or Below

                         2.  5ft or Above

                IV. Several Apparitions/ Horde (Flawed)

                  V. Interaction

                        1. Environment

                               a. Opening and Closing Cabinets/Doors

                               b. Fading into Solid Objects

                   c. Appearance Through Mattress

                        2. People

                               a. Beckoning

                               b. Running at/Being Chased by Entity

                 VI. Hybrids

                         1. Animal/Human Hybrid

       B. Movement (Or Lack Thereof)

                I. Objects

                         1. Levitation

                                 a. Tilting/Spinning/Twisted Around

                                 b. Floating/Flying Around Room

                                  c. Bouncing Off/Bumping Into Walls

                       2. Teleportation (Moved from One Place to Another)

                              a. Instantaneous

                              b. Unnoticed or Unseen

                       3. Forcible/Violent Movement 

                  a.  Invisible Force Exerted on Object and/or Slamming

                          i. Violent Punching of Objects (Repeated)

                             b. Violent Moorings/Latch/Handle Phenomena

                                   i. Object Torn from Wall/Ceiling

                              c. Object Yanked On/Tugged On (Witnessed)

                              d. Objects Broken/Ruined

                          i. Claw Marks

                                           *Unseen (Found Later)

                                   ii. Shredding

                              e. Object Attack

                       4. Miscellaneous Object Movement

                  a. Vibration/Rattling

                              b. Appearance of Breathing

                                     i. Depression in Mattress (Invisible)

                              c. Opening and/or Closing

                                     i. Drawers

                              d. Rocking Back and Forth

                                     i. Without Wind or People/Unseen Force

           5. Materialization (Appears from Nowhere)

                       6. Vanishment/Dematerialization (Never Recovered)

                       7. Manipulation of Physics Laws

                              a. Impossible Balancing of Objects

                       8. Fires/Explosions

                               a. Singeing/Scorching of Objects

                       9. Unseen Hand Writings (Witnessed)

a. Mirrors

i. Backwards

ii. Profanities

                II. People (Happening to or Movement Around People)

                       1. Levitation

                              a. Bumping into Walls

                              b. Twisted Around (Midair)

                              c. Hurled Across Room/To Floor (From Midair)

                       2. Forcible/Violent Movement

                              a. Clothing Moved/Tugged On (Non-Sexual)

                              b. Seeing Another Touched/Sexual in Nature

                           i. Touching of Body Part(s) (Through Clothing)

                           ii. Appearance of Rectal Rape

                              c. Knocked Down (Invisible Force)

                              d. Dragged

                              e. Pushed/Shoved

                     3. Immobilization of Another (Witnessing Their Inability to Move)

                     4. Fires (Spontaneous Combustion)

                      5. Psychic Sleep (The person next to you doesn’t wake or move while you are fully awake, trying forcibly to wake them.)

                        6. Distortion of Body

                  a. Swelling (Non-Injury)

                  b. Discoloration of Skin (Unnatural Colors)

                                     i. Black as Night

                              c. Whites of Eyes Shown

                      7. Flash of Movement/No Figure Discerned

             III. Animals/Insects

                      1. Levitation

                      2. Teleportation

                             a. Instantaneous

                             b. Unseen (Without Witnesses)

                      3. Mysterious Illness or Body Problem

                 a. Convulsive Twitching

          4. Outdoor Animals Appearing Indoors

                             a. Flies

                      5. Strange Pet or Animal Behavior (Non-Pet

                              a. Often in Attack Mode

                              b. Drawn to Specific Places

              IV. Peripheral Movement

                        1. Figure

                        2. Blurred/Flash

                        3. Shadowy

               V. Material Phenomena Movement

                        1.  Materialization

                              a. Blood

                              b. Grease

                       2. Outdoor Phenomena Happening Indoors

                              a. Mist Inside House

                              b. Vapor (Not from Cold Temperatures)

 C. Change of Appearance (People)

           I. Haggard/Ugliness to Features (Not Present Before)

                   1. Sudden Lack of Hygiene

                   2. Change in Eyes

                   3. Puffiness in Features

                   4. Reptilian Features (Not Present Before)

 D. Demonic Photography

           I. Appearance of Fire

 E. Electrical Problems/Appliance Issues/Strange Lighting or Lights (and Absence of)

           I. Turning On and/or Off

                   1. Light

                   2. TV

          II. Not Working/Repair Issues

                    1. Telephone Phenomen

                           a. Ringing Repeatedly (No One on Other End)

                    2. Joints

                    3. Plumbing

                    4. Alarm Not Going Off

          III. Noticing Lack of Light/Darkness Changes

                    1. Ever-Present Darkness (Even in Direct Sunlight)

                    2.   Darkness Shift (Sudden)

                              a. Black to Gray (or vice versa)

                              b. Sudden Total Darkness

         IV. Strange Light Activity

                     1. Lights On (Without Bulbs)/Not Plugged In

                     2. Sudden Dimming/Brightening of Lights

                     3. Too Bright for Viewing

 F. Illusions

         I. Selective Apparitions (Only Seen by Some)

        II. Ugly/Strange Images Projected    

      III. Disappeared Footprints (Should Be Visible

      IV. Room Tilting

       V. Doppelganger/Bi-Location Appearance

      VI. Blood

                1. Religious Association

    VIII. Unnatural Coloring/Lights

       IX. Injury or Disappearance of Injury

        X. Smoke Reaching/Tendrils

 G. Evidence of Injury or Illness

        I. Burns/Welts

              1. Shape of Cross

      II. Cuts/Slashing of Flesh/Stabbing

              1. In the Shape of Letters

              2. Cross Shape

   III. Bruising or Finger Marks

   IV. Gouging of Flesh

             1. Bite Marks

    V. Swelling

   VI. Seizure-like Convulsions

   VII. Difficulty Breathing/Choking (Seen by Others)

  VIII. Bump/Wound from Attack


Jaye, Victoria, “In the Presence of Evil: Demonic Perception Narratives” (2021). All Graduate Plan B and other Reports. 1563.

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