The Demonic Classification System: Sound

 Class 2: Sound

This section examines phenomena narrated by people who have heard (or not heard when they should) something associated with the presence of an inhuman spirit.

 H. Voice Distinction (Or Lack of)

          I. Whisperings

                  1. Whispering Name

                  2. Whispered Laughter

         II. Vocal Threats

                  1. Inhuman Voice

2. Ancient-Sounding Voice

        III. Laughter

                    1. Inhuman/Malicious

        IV. Calling One’s Name

                  1. Familiar Voice

                  2. Unknown Voice

                  3. Multiple Times In One Sitting

            V. Moaning/Groaning

                   1. Sexual

                    2. Inhuman

          VI. Murmuring/Unintelligible Voice

                    1. Threatening/Angry-Sounding

       VII. Many Voices at Once               

       VIII. Talking Normally (Presence is Speaking)

                   1. To Person in Room

                   2. Inhuman

                   3. Flirting

4. Revealing Information Not Possibly Known

       XIV. Children

                    1. Laughter

                     2. Tantrum

                     3. Playing/Running

                     4. Answering the Phone (No Child in House)

                     5. Calling One’s Name

6. In Agony

        XV. Inability to Hear Person Screaming/Yelling and/or Entity (similar to psychic sleep, when a person is screaming, the sound doesn’t reach the other people in the house)

       XVI. Recording Issues (Nothing Heard)

I. Human Sounds (Not from People)

            I. Heartbeat (Fills Room)

           II. Footsteps/Walking (No Person Present)

                  1 Shuffling Feet

                 2. From Outside

          III. Heavy Breathing

         IV. Whistling (Lascivious)

           V. Slapping Sound

J. Animal Sounds

             I. Roaring/Howling

            II. Imitation of Animals (None Present)

                    1. Cat(s)

          III. Hissing

          IV. Fluttering Sound (Gigantic Wings)

            V. Pigs Squealing

           VI. Snorting

           IX. Hooves

             X. Tortured Animal Sounds

                     1. Inability to Breathe

                            a. Pets

            XI. Eating         

         1. Slobbering Sound

K. Loud Object-Related Sounds

             I. Knockings/Poundings/Banging/Tapping

                    1. Trinity Knocks or Pounding (In Threes)

            2. From Outside (Non-Threes)

            3. From Within Walls (Non-Threes)

            4. On/From Within Furniture

             5. On Vehicles

                      a. Camper

              6. Radio

                      a. Tapping

                             i From Within

       III. Slamming of Doors/Windows

        IV. Scratching (Non-Animal)

                      1. Within Walls

                      2. Within Furniture

                      3. On Glass

         V. Rustling/Movement

                      1.  Swirling/Rushing Sound

                      2. Chair Rocking Sound

                      3. Counterclockwise Movement

         VI. Opening and/or Closing

                      1. Drawers

        VII. Rattling/Shaking

 L. Auditory Illusions

            I. Inhuman Voice in Mind (Unheard by Others)

                    1. Name Called

          II. Angry Words/Yelling (Unheard by Others)

        III. Car Approaching/Car Doors Slamming (Not Actual)

        VI. Scratching Sounds (Not Actual)

         V. Radios On (None There)

        VI. Screaming (Heard by Select Few)

M. Electrical/Appliance Problems (Heard)

          I. Toilets Flushing

        II. Faucets Turning On and/or Off

       III. Strange Ringing of Phone

       IV. Turning On and/or Of

                   1. Lights


Jaye, Victoria, “In the Presence of Evil: Demonic Perception Narratives” (2021). All Graduate Plan B and other Reports. 1563.

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