Other Types of Possessing Spirits

Most negative supernatural spirits are not demons. Demons are actually pretty rare, though infestations do happen. Many people who claim experiences of possessions are not experiencing the demonic, either. Here are a list of other types of spirits to compare your experience with; if you're convinced it's still a demon, visit my classification systems to... Continue Reading →

The Demonic Classification System: Sight

Class 1: Sight-This section is reserved for people who claimed to have seen phenomena associated with the demonic.              A. Sighting of a Figure or Shadow                      I. Color                            1. Dark/Black                             2. White                                    a. Too Bright                             3. Gold                                   a. Too Bright                             4. Glowing Green                             5. Shadows                   II.... Continue Reading →

The Demonic Classification System: Smell

Class 3: Smell This section covers the narratives of people who have experienced strange smells associated with demonic presences.  N. Bodily Fluids           I. Blood           II. Feces                   1.Duration/Source                        a. Gone Quickly                   2. Effect                            a. Tears  O. Rancid/Decomposition Scents           I. Rotting Food                    1.Duration/Source                          a. Gone Quickly   ... Continue Reading →

The Demonic Classification System: Feeling

Class 4: Feeling This section encompasses the feelings associated with an inhuman encounter. Q. Felt Movement (Usually Invisible Force)     I. Violent/Forcible in Nature                   1. Shoving                          a. Held Down/Against Wall b. Into Object i. Pillow                  2. Having a Body Part Moved/Yanked/Grabbed                           a. Arms Twisted Behind Person (Unseen Force)                           b. Both Sides... Continue Reading →

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