Other Types of Possessing Spirits

Most negative supernatural spirits are not demons. Demons are actually pretty rare, though infestations do happen. Many people who claim experiences of possessions are not experiencing the demonic, either. Here are a list of other types of spirits to compare your experience with; if you're convinced it's still a demon, visit my classification systems to... Continue Reading →

Mystery Houses of Horror

We as humans love the idea of an evil house, though in actuality, the only thing that could be evil between the mortar, brick, and glass is the people (or spirits) inside it. It's thought that spaces hold energy from what happened within its walls: a happy home stays that way while an unhappy one... Continue Reading →

Why Demons Infest Certain People’s Lives

Contrary to what paranormal TV would have us believe, demonic infestations are very rare. A NSE (negative supernatural experience) is not automatically a demon because there are more dark, possessing entities than demons in the world. There's a lot of confusion about why demons do what they do and the truth is, sometimes we just... Continue Reading →

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