Gretel & Hansel: The Path of a Witch

Beautifully shot movie with a shot of Halloween colors in most shots; shows the ravenous nature of reality, how in history, women must often sell oneself to eat, that darkness lurks in the world more often sometimes than good.

Pearl (2022): Mrs. Murder Mayhem

Pearl is a gorgeous, technicolor daydream of a lonely, unloved girl who desperately wants to be a star so she can be loved by the entire world. She's also aware that something is deeply wrong with her; Pearl enjoys murder-first animals and then graduating to people who reject her in some way. The first person... Continue Reading →

Tamara (2005) & The Devil as a Young Woman

Tamara (2006) is a movie I remember vividly on the racks at Hastings-I was about 11 or 12 and very interested in horror. The reason, I think, is because horror is a landscape for the imagination. Every kid loves fairytales-the more gruesome, the better; horror is an extension of that imaginative playground. Literally anything could... Continue Reading →

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