The Demonic Classification System: Feeling

Class 4: Feeling

This section encompasses the feelings associated with an inhuman encounter.

Q. Felt Movement (Usually Invisible Force)

    I. Violent/Forcible in Nature

                  1. Shoving

                         a. Held Down/Against Wall

b. Into Object

i. Pillow

                 2. Having a Body Part Moved/Yanked/Grabbed

                          a. Arms Twisted Behind Person (Unseen Force)

                          b. Both Sides of Body

                  3. Tugging on Clothing

                  4. Objects Yanked Away

                           a. Blankets

                           b. Steering Wheel/Car

                           c. Religious Objects

                  5. Dragged from One Location to Another

                  6. Hurled/Thrown into Wall or Across Room

                  7.  Shaking

                           a. Feeling of Earthquake

                  8. Unseen Pressure Exerted on Body

                a. Neck Held/Choking

                 b. Pushing Down on Body (Not Shoving or Pushing)

                  9. Sexual-Related Attacks (While Awake)

                             a. Touching (Painful)

                                    i. Female

                                   ii. Male

                             b. Vaginal Rape

                             c. Rectal Rape

                                    i. Female

                                   ii. Male

                   10. Object Attacking Person (On its Own)

                   11. Feeling Punches (Through Objects, Not Direct)

                 a. Repeatedly

                   12. Furniture Ripped from Moorings

                   13. Rapid, Unnatural Acceleration

                             a. Car

          II. Other Types of Felt Movement (Non-Violent)

                   1. Feeling a Gravitational Pull/Being Drawn In

                           a. Vortex (Felt)

                   2. Twisting Around/Spun/Side to Side Movement

                            a. Levitation

                                     i. Bumping into Wall/Bouncing Against Wall (Midair)

                                    ii. Twisted Around (Midair)

                            b. Tilting of Entire Room

                   3. Animal Running Across Bed

                   4. Being Touched (Non-Sexual)

                a. Caressing (Non-Painful)

                b. Tickling

                c. On Legs

                        i. Small Hands

                   5. Vibration/Shaking

                            a. From Furniture

                   6. Outdoor Phenomena Happening Indoors (Felt)

                            a. Swarm of Flies Near Face

                   7. Sexual Touching (Non-Painful)

                            a. Being Undressed

                   8. Someone/Something Brushing Past

                            a. Wet/Slimy

R. Feeling of Something Being Wrong with a Place/Of Evil/Intense Dislike

           I. Dark Aura

                    1. Aversion to Specific Places

S. Temperature Fluctuations (Extreme)

          I. Boiling/Hot Phenomena

                    1. Feeling Hot Breath on Body

          II. Freezing

                    1. Rooms/Specific Areas

                  2. People

                        a. Continual

                        b. Elusive

c. Through One’s Body

                        d. Hypothermia

                        e. Icy Grip

          III. Fluctuating Intermittently Between Hot/Cold

T. Feeling a Presence Present

I. Change in a Room

                    1. Air Shift (Non-Electrical)

                           a. Negative Energy

                   2. Electrical Charge

                           a. Hair Raising (Electrical)

            II. Feelings of Fear/Nervousness (Related to Presence)

                   1. Goosebumps Raised Unrelated to Room Temperature

                              a. Hair Bristling on Neck

                   2. Involuntary Sweating

                        a. Palms

                   3. Throat Swelling/Dry in Fear

                   4. Skin Crawling Feeling

          III. Watched When No One is Present

                   1. In Bathroom (When Showering/Bathing) 

            IV. Claustrophobia

           V. Entity Swallowing One Whole

          VI. Feeling Followed

U. Feeling Immobilized (Can’t Move at All)

          I. Preventing One from Moving Forward (Force Field)

V. Mysterious Illness/Health Issues or Body Problem

         I. Heart Issues

               1. Involuntary Faster Heartbeat

               2. Chest Constriction

                     a. Heart Attack

3. Muscle spasms

a. Pins/Needles Feeling

i. Inside Body

        II. Nausea/Queasiness

      III. Migraines/Headaches

      IV. Fever and/or Sweating

       V. Blurred Vision/Blindness

      VI. Stomach Issues

                    1. Pain

                    2. Vomiting

      VII. Weight

                      1. Loss

     VIII. Body Pains

                    1. Toothache

  IX. Lung/Throat Issues

                    1. Lack of Air

                    2. Hyperventilation

   X. Dizziness/Light-Headed Feeling/Senses Overcome

                    1. In Specific Areas

              XI. Convulsions/Strange Stiffening of Body

    W. Feeling of Injury (Actual)

                 I. Stinging

                     1. Bee Stings

                 II. Stabbing/Cutting/Slicing

                     1. Claws

               III. Strangling/Squeezing

               IV. Slapping

                V. Pinching/Poking/Prodding

              VI. Punches/Hitting

           VIII. Kicking

            IX. Burning

                   1. Scalding Feeling on Body

             X. Swelling

X. Disposition Change (Other People’s Notice)

              I. Negative Personality Shift

                   1. Mood Disruption

                           a. Anger Issues (Newfound)/Unusually Short-Tempered

                           b. Depression

                           c. Crying Jags/Sobbing Uncontrollably

                           d. Silent Periods/Withdrawal/Distant

                           e. Constant Nervousness/Anxiety (Newfound)

                                   i. Speech Changes


         II. Other Symptoms/Behaviors

                     1. Exhaustion/Lack of Energy

                           a. Constant

                    2. Insomnia

                    3. Increased Alcohol Use

                    4. Deviancy

                           a. Molestation of Family Members

b. Impulse to Maim/Kill Others

                    5. Newly Anxious (Unrelated to Sensing a Presence)

References Cited

Jaye, Victoria, “In the Presence of Evil: Demonic Perception Narratives” (2021). All Graduate Plan B and other Reports. 1563.

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